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Every time I watch Spongebob I will think fondly of Drew.

Thank you rezny fanofdrewgallowayforlife :)



my hand slipped

Oh my goodness. X’D


my hand slipped

Oh my goodness. X’D

My boobs look epic today.

My boobs look epic today.

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I’m too lazy to tag eleven people and make my own questions, so I’m just going to answer the questions provided in the post I was tagged in.

How many languages can you speak?

- One; just English.

A book or a movie which has changed your vision of life?

- I guess I’d have to say A Serbian Film for obvious reasons.

What are you doing in life at the moment (studying, working…)?

- I’m working as a temp, just trying to get by.

Three things you hate the most?

- Bad grammar/spelling, bugs, and guys that don’t like to eat girls out.

Favorite cartoon growing up?

- The Powerpuff Girls.

Thoughts on Beyonce? (this is random as hell)

- I don’t care about her.

Is your muffin buttered?

- I had to Google to see what this meant because I’m slow as hell. But to answer the question, yes.

Do you think there’s a hypocrite atmospere on tumblr? (does that make sense)

- Oh totally.

For or against legalization?

- I’m on the fence about this, but I guess I’m for it. There are far worse things in the world, honestly. Marijuana really isn’t that bad.

From what you know, what’s your vision of France?

- A romantic place with lovely sights to see and offers tasty, unique cuisine.

Funniest joke you can think of?

- (This one is so wrong, but I think it’s funny…)

How do you keep five black guys from raping a white girl?

Throw them a basketball.


Dean Ambrose || Battleground, 20 July 2014.

Characteristics of Roman Reigns

Thank You, CM Punk.


This elephant has a cat on its butt. [x]


This elephant has a cat on its butt. [x]


Everytime I see this I just imagine Seth and Dean sharing the same bed?
Like Dean just rolls over to cuddle with Seth? I need a life.

I have a feeling that Dean would be a major bed hog.